Forgotten Faces

Forgotten faces.
Lost in yesterdays realm.
Drained with confusion.
Where did it all go?
Look into the past, look into
their faces.
Never, the thought of being
time fucked.
But now they’re all gone and
all that’s left is this blank faced
Ninety percent, nothing was
done, nothing accomplished,
coasting through life didn’t
seize the day.
No one ever realized that
they’re already dead.
By the time you realize, you’ll
be dead too.
Without another chance to
save the world,
these things they’re gone,
your gone, forgotten.
Now your face in my picture
frame. It’s gone, forever.
Right before my very eyes.
And just when I thought I
made light of things.
It slips away, into darkness.
My life passes now I see.
Just what this world does hold
for me.
It’s getting hard, harder to
Am I out of time is that what
this means?
Well that’s what it means.
That’s what it means, you and
me try to breathe.
Now you. Realize.
Your life, flies by.
Now I. Realize.
My life, I die.


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